Weblex's virtual book

What is this ?

The Weblex's virtual book is a set of programs permitting the edition of html pages which cannot be copy out by the reader.

The documents formatted for this virtual book are far more difficult to copy out than the paper books !

Images are integrated in the 2.0 version.

Those interested by a full screen version could also use the Weblex Application Reader.

You could also buy our Weblex Book Simulator for prewiewing the web pages before you put them on your website : each program cost only 100 euros or 150 US $.

Book Simulator ( unprotected reader ) is designed to save time ( and thus money ) when you are using our system : these are very useful tools !

How it works ?

1 You select the source code of the html document.

2 You drop your selected text in the source windows.

3 You type the file name and the directory where the result will be written.

4 You activate the system.

5 The document is ready to be edited on your intranet and / or internet.

6 You have to write an html page , which may be dynamic ( asp, jsp, php ... ) , where you insert the reader system with yours parameters.

If you choose the Weblex Application Reader you have to write a very simple Web Service in order to use it.

Weblex could naturally help you for writing the requested scripting.

7 The page is now available on your website or your intranet.

Why using it ?

1 Simplicity

Being able to surf on internet is the only skill required for the readers of Weblex's virtual book.

2 Freedom

There is no limits about the number of documents that you could edit with only one system.

You choose all the conditions of acces to yours documents.

You publish what you want.

You are the absolute master of your system !

In your's weblex's documents you will be the sole master of the advertising content.

Weblex will NOT ask any fee for each sold content ... unlike some digital books suppliers.

What you do is what you earn with Weblex's virtual book !

Look at one of ours virtual books to imagine how you could earn huge profits with our system.

3 Security

Each system has it's own protection system : your documents will not be readable on another Weblex's system or any other environnement.

This mean that any hacker must spent huge amounts of time in order to crack all the security tricks of one specific virtual book.

Having more than one Weblex's virtual book system could be the most appropriate response to this threat.

Your employees will not known the security procedures of our system : they will not compromise your rights or your confidential informations.

Weblex's virtual book system is the best guardian of your copyrights - or your's most precious informations - ever created !

4 Flexibility

The installation of the reading system is made by html scripting : the redeploying time is very short.


Each 1.0. system costs only 500 Euros. ( 750 US $ )

Each 2.0. system costs 1000 Euros. ( 1500 US $ )

You have to send us an Email for ordering a Weblex's personalised virtual book.